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Stamped Concrete

  • Is Stamped Concrete slippery ?
  • Do we use color hardeners or integral color for our concrete coloring ?
  • How often do I need to reseal my Stamped Concrete project ?
  • How do I know if my Stamped Concrete needs sealing or not ?
  • Can I have my driveway in Stamped Concrete ?
  • Can we incorporate some curves in our design or do we have to go with straight lines ?
  • Can we use salt or ice melting products on our Stamped Concrete project ?

Outdoor Living

  • Can we install a retaining/sitting wall next to our Stamped Concrete project ?
  • Can we install a fire pit right on top of our Stamped Concrete patio ?
  • Will ambers or sparks damage my new Stamped Concrete ?

Outdoor Kitchens

  • Am I limited to using propane tanks for my Outdoor Kitchen appliances ?
  • What kinds of countertop can we choose from for our Outdoor Kitchen ?
  • Can we have a sink incorporated in our Outdoor Kitchen project ?
  • What other options are there for cooking other than a Gas Grill ?
  • We have a general idea for "what we want, we just cant imagine" how it all fits together, can you design something for us ?

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